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1-Day Knee Arthrofibrosis Training Course for Professionals

The official one day IAA Knee Arthrofibrosis training course for physiotherapists, medical doctors, surgeons, hospitals, and organizations was developed by the IAA expert panel. The objective of this training is to present the best available, current scientific evidence for arthrofibrosis interventions, covering the basics of interventions in each field.

Training is delivered in-person by our experienced physiotherapist. Topics covered include assessment and diagnosis of the condition, patient education, self-management and review, conservative treatment options including rehabilitation, medications, and common laboratory tests as well as specialist referral for this condition. Training covers the basic mechanisms of disease that trainees need to understand and treatment approaches, including in disciplines other than their own field.

The key references and supplementary materials provided will support your learning.

Upcoming Editions of the official Knee Arthrofibrosis Training Course:

  • May 17, 2024 - Lund (Sweden) - in English
    local organizer: Andreas Blom

  • July 6, 2024 - Bucharest (Romania) - in English
    local organizer: PhysioFakt - Toma Vasilescu

  • Aug 9, 2024 - Huntington Beach (California, USA) - in English
    local organizer: private course

  • Oct 6, 2024 - Verona (Italy)
    local organizer: PhisioVit
    course webpage in Italian:

For the listed courses, please contact the local organiser via the listed email address directly. For further requests, please use the form or email address below.


Please contact for pricing and bookings or use our contact form below.

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