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Join us

and make a difference

Welcome to the International Arthrofibrosis Association (IAA), where our mission is to provide scientifically referenced and up to date information about arthrofibrosis to promote better outcomes. As a non-profit organization, all our efforts are on a voluntary basis. As part of our ongoing commitment, we are currently seeking passionate individuals to join us in various capacities.

Please note that these roles are voluntary and unpaid. However, your dedication and contributions will be highly valued and acknowledged. As part of our commitment to recognition, you will be listed on the IAA website, showcasing your involvement and commitment to our cause.

Explore more about each opportunity and how you can get involved in advancing our mission to combat arthrofibrosis. Together, we can create a movement and a community where we can support and learn from each other's experiences and insights, advocate for arthrofibrosis research and education, and provide scientifically referenced and up-to-date information to promote better outcomes.

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