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Physiotherapy Checklist

Help building an international database of physiotherapists who treat arthrofibrosis

This will be used to identify clinicians whose treatments are based on our understanding of fibrosis pathology. Your contribution will be much appreciated and individual responses will not be published. Clinicians are welcome to complete the checklist themselves. Please understand that this international database will take time to build.


If you’re planning surgery you may find it helpful to ask your physiotherapist this list of questions. The methods used appear to make a difference to risk of fibrosis returning, however, there can never be a guarantee of success. See this list of recommendations by experienced arthrofibrosis physiotherapist Sebastiano Nutarelli.

Are you:
Has reducing inflammation and healthy healing of joint as a priority over building muscle in affected limb
Recognises arthrofibrosis symptoms and changes the plan in response to the joint’s reaction
Has an open dialogue with the patient about arthrofibrosis, their symptoms and the lengthy time needed for recovery
Patiently waits to strengthen the affected limb until inflammation is resolved and healthy healing is well under way
Never tries to manually force range of motion
Never blames the patient
Never recommends pushing through the pain
Recommends exercising non-affected parts of the body
Recommends pain-free Continuous Passive Motion daily (lower body joints) or passive stretches (upper body joints) in the initial post-op period, as tolerated
Recommends non weight-bearing for initial post-op period: crutches or wheelchair (lower body joints), with partial weight-bearing later, as tolerated
Refers to rheumatologist, pain specialist or other clinician for medications & tests as needed
Are you willing to be contacted if we have a question?
Respectful, listens and responds well
PoorFairGoodVery goodExcellent

Thanks for submitting!

Rheumatological Checklist

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Surgical Checklist

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