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Call for IAA Ambassadors

We are looking for IAA Ambassadors! An IAA Ambassador serves as a dedicated advocate and representative of the International Arthrofibrosis Association (IAA) within their community and network. Ambassadors play a pivotal role in disseminating the association's perspective on arthrofibrosis and its treatment, ensuring a consistent and informed dialogue on the topic.

Key Responsibilities

  • Advocacy and Representation: Ambassadors promote the association's stance on arthrofibrosis in discussions, forums, and interactions with stakeholders.

  • Education and Awareness: They participate in educational initiatives to raise awareness about arthrofibrosis, disseminating accurate information based on the IAA's guidelines.

  • Collaboration and Networking: They facilitate connections between individuals, organisations, and healthcare providers aligned with the IAA's mission.

  • Online Presence and Social Media Sharing: Ambassadors maintain an active online presence and utilise social media platforms to amplify the IAA's message and engage with the community. They share relevant information, updates, and resources, fostering a supportive online environment for individuals affected by arthrofibrosis.

Appointment and Term

IAA Ambassadors are appointed by the organization based on their demonstrated commitment to the mission of the IAA and their ability to effectively communicate and advocate on behalf of the organization. Ambassadors serve renewable terms, subject to satisfactory performance and continued dedication to the goals of the association. Additionally, there is a one-month trial period to ensure mutual compatibility and alignment with the role's responsibilities and expectations.

Code of Conduct

As representatives of the IAA, Ambassadors:

  • Conduct themselves with professionalism, integrity, and respect.

  • Ensure accuracy and reliability in information dissemination.

  • Refrain from activities that may compromise the IAA's reputation.

  • Do not promote treatment, advice or information deviating from the IAA recommendations (e.g. alternative medicine) in the name of the IAA. 


Please note that the role of IAA Ambassador is voluntary and unpaid. However, you will be listed on the IAA website as an official Ambassador, recognizing your dedication to advocating for arthrofibrosis awareness and education. This acknowledgment highlights your involvement and amplifies your impact. Please fill out the application form below. Applications will be reviewed, and selected candidates will be contacted for further steps. Thank you for considering this role and for your willingness to support the mission of the IAA!

Apply for the role of IAA Ambassador

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