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Arthrofibrosis Expert Primer

Watch arthrofibrosis experts discussing world’s best practice, evidence based treatments

Have you heard of arthrofibrosis? Probably not. It’s a disease that hides in plain sight, a relatively common complication of joint surgery and injury. Arthrofibrosis devastates people’s lives yet is rarely talked about. Arthrofibrosis is called by many names including stiff knee, frozen shoulder, adhesive capsulitis and frozen elbow, disguising the common pathology.

The International Arthrofibrosis Association (IAA) is a multidisciplinary group of experts helping people overcome this crippling consequence of injury and surgery. We are people with arthrofibrosis, clinicians and researchers dedicated to promoting better treatment for arthrofibrosis.

Dr Steven Singleton

Orthopaedic Surgeon, UT Southwestern, USA

Sebastiano Nutarelli

Physiotherapist, Sports Rehab, Switzerland

Dr Rob Will

Rheumatologist, Osteoporosis Solutions Australia

Dr Kayley Usher

Researcher, University of Western Australia

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